The New Decentralized World of Bitcoin and Blockchain

A non-fiction book that combines insight, knowledge and fun with an exciting comic story about the emerging crypto world! By the authors Pascal Hügli, Yonghan Lee, Richard Dettling

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The book is intended to provide an objective, sober and realistic view on the Bitcoin phenomenon. This new phenomenon should neither be blindly idealized nor straightforwardly demonized. Rather, it should be an analysis in depth that helps anyone with little knowledge of the subject to understand terms, concepts, considerations and connections around Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto assets. Ultimately, the idea and philosophy behind the crypto phenomenon should be conveyed and embedded in our current social, economic and world- political context. In addition, the work will attempt to show what the emergence of Bitcoin has already brought in concrete terms and why all of us (as individuals and as society) – despite numerous challenges, uncertainties and risks – could still benefit from this development in the future. A chapter will also be dedicated to Switzerland, its relevant exponents and projects. The uniqueness of this book is the integration of a comic story – we called it “comic book in book”. It is a fictional story about two friends, a journalist and a developer, discovering the new crypto world. On their journey they meet well-known personalities and experts from the crypto scene and get to know the new technology. They don’t meet only friends of crypto, but persons who would combat this movement.

Ist das Buch auch auf Deutsch erhältlich?

Ja klar! Die deutsche Originalversion gibt es hier:

Erhältlich bei Amazon

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21. December 2019 | Crypto Dreieck | Youtube
Book presentation on the Youtube channel of Crypto Dreieck.


14. November 2019 | KryptoLunch | Zurich
Topic: Crypto Trading

Link: https://www.10×

23. October 2019 | Swiss Kader Organisation | Zug
The future of money is digital – how our business environment is influenced.


22. October 2019 | Foraus | St. Gallen
The future of money: Do cryptocurrencies represent an assault on state sovereignty or vital innovation driver for Switzerland?


22. October 2019 | KryptoLunch | Zurich
Topic: Crypto Real Estate

Link: https://www.10×

18. September 2019 | Public Book Launch Event | Zug

Public book launch event of the German book.

In addition to the book presentation, a panel discussion with top-class guests from the crypto and blockchain world takes place:
– Johannes Schweifer, CEO CoreLedger
– Ralf Glabischnig, Managing Partner Inacta AG
– Matthias Egli, COO Chain Security


3. September 2019 | Book Launch Event | Zurich

Book launch event of the German book for invited guests only.

In addition to the book presentation, a panel discussion with top-class guests from the financial world took place:
– Patrick Hunger, former-CEO Saxo Bank Schweiz
– Marianne Wildi, CEO Hypothekarbank Lenzburg
– Arthur Vayloyan, CEO Bitcoin Suisse



Pascal Hügli – Author & Economic Journalist
Journalist at financialmedia with a focus on economic and financial topics, in particular in the area of digital & crypto finance. Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ) on Bitcoin and blockchain. In addition, moderator and speaker at conferences and events.

Yonghan Lee – Editor & Entrepreneur
Manager and entrepreneur in the field of blockchain, fintech, digital transformation and esports. Expert in port- folio & investment management and software development with many years of experience in the Swiss banking sector and management consulting. Co-founder of the financial comic “The Bankey” as well as founder and CEO of Swiss Korean Blockchain Advisors, a consulting firm specialized in the Crypto Valley and the Korean blockchain market.

Richard Dettling – Cartoonist & Banker, Investor
Risk, project and program manager in advisory and finance. Engaged in innovation in banking, fintech, digital transformation, portfolio & investment management, open banking, insurTech and real estate. In-depth knowledge and experience in financial and alternative investments. Founder of the financial comic “The Bankey”.